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In our neverending quest to show you every Jumbo Machinder piece of crap we can find, We present here for your inspection one of the many catalogs that Popy printed up and stuffed in with the Jumbos. As of this moment (03.16.2000 - 6:44 PM CST) we have 2 more catalogs that we'll be posting here soon. Enjoy... translations by the all knowing matt alt

A terrifying black hole that threatens to suck in the whole world -- the evil Dark Horror Army is attacking the Earth! Prepare to scramble, Space Dragon Gaiking! And now you can fight too, with these Jumbo Machinders!

(left) Wing missiles fire! Head launches!

(Bottom) POPINIKA DINOSAUR-TEAM GIVEAWAY! You can play together with your Popinika, too! The three dinosaur Popinika can be placed in the back of the Daikumaryuu, and launched using the tail as a runway! We're giving away three hundred sets of these three dinosaur Popinika so you can play together with the Daikumaryuu. Please look inside the box for detailed information.

Deluxe Combattler V
3,500 yen
Super Magnetic Robo Combattler, fighting against the invasion of Earth by the Armored Tank Corps led by the Great General Garuda. Combattler V, the super robot of justice created by the combination of five battle machines. Now, let's play with the cool action-packed Jumbo Machinder Combattler V!

(Little caption by kid) "You can store your Popinika in his back!" "Attach the caterpillar treads from his back to the stomach, and change into the Battle-Tank!"

3,350 yen
If you buy the Jumbo Machinder Grendizer now, you can win one of the 500 giant Spacers being given away monthly -- and they're big enough for you to ride on! Get the Spacer, dock your Jumbo Machinder Grendizer, and take out some saucer-animals!

(big red letters) YOU CAN WIN A GIANT SPACER!

For specifics about how to win the Spacer, please see the reply card included in the Jumbo Machinder box.

GROUND ZERO / SKY ZERO (bottom right)
KYODAIN, The Iron Men of Space
Captions: "open the masks and see their faces!" "Flying punches! Launching missiles!" "SUPER MACHINDERS" 2,300 yen each

Green line on right: "TRANFORM into the SkyJet Fighter!" Yellow: "Attach their heads, arms, and belts to this separate accessory for a total transformation!" Red: "TRANSFORM into the Grand Car Tank!"

Main: "Fight on, Kyodain! The brothers Kyodain, fighting against the evil Dada Aliens whose evil hand reaches towards peaceful Earth! Skyzel and Granzel's fists fly and rockets launch! Skyzel can transform into the SkyJet, Granzel into the Grand Car. Skyzel and Granzel are equipped with amazing weapons and are a little bit smaller than the Jumbo Machinders, but they're even more fun!"

Tiny type: "Please understand that there may be slight differences between the actual products and the catalog photos due to production conditions."

Caption of box on bottom: "Power up your Jumbo Machinders! Let's play with the CASSETTE WEAPONS!" (Captions in the box: Rocket Punch, Super Three-Shot Missile, Magnetic Arm)

Small print at bottom: "The Cassette Weapons cannot be attached to the Daikumaryuu Jumbo Machinder or to the Super Machinders."


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